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Welcome to Helm Academy
Bridging The Gap Between PWD And EMPLOYERS

Helm Academy goes digital as it launches its first accessible E-Learning Platform that enables both PWD and employers to gain access to high quality and accessible training; thus, bridging the employment gap, making the workplace inclusive and accessible for all, and giving employers access to a pool of job-ready people of determination.

About Helm

Helm promotes the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life by removing environmental, technological and social barriers through comprehensive inclusion services for businesses, professionals and governments.

Years Experience

Helm is the first provider in the region of localized and customized inclusion solutions, awarded multiple times as innovative global best practices and successful business models by Zero project, JICA, Rise Egypt…etc. Helm supports 3,500 persons with disabilities, serving more than 200 entities and acquiring top notch experts from 16 countries.

Our vision is to promote the full participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of life while creating value to our customers, our people and our investors.

Our mission is to foster societies where persons with disabilities and businesses grow together, empowering all and transcending barriers.


About Helm Company

Helm’s team has over 8 years of experience in the fields of disability and inclusion and numerous partnerships with more than 200 leading organizations in Egypt and the region to empower people of determination and create value to our partners through inclusion. Partnering with top trainers and Accessibility Consultants, we produce our own training content aiming to develop the skills and talents of PWD in a way that meets the expectations of employers, while ensuring that all our content is accessible to PWD.

Our Testimonials

See things differently

Being a Helm Ambassador has taught me that your weakest point can be your strongest point. It has enabled me to see things differently and to work harder to achieve my dreams. Because of this, I am now able to inspire and motivate others; to encourage them to push beyond their limits.

Mohamed Sobhy
Merchandising Supervisor L'Oreal Egypt

Advocacy and Support

Our partnership with Helm started 5 years ago where it was built on the common grounds of advocacy and support for the rights of persons with disabilities to an inclusive and accessible life in Egypt. I think what makes Helm's work so impactful is their focus simple; they pinpoint what persons with disabilities need in Egypt and then find the resources to fill the gap to eliminate that need. Helm always finds a way to help.

Mahira Hassan
General Secretary Vodafone

Accessible and inclusive

Even though Helm Foundation is a young foundation, it has achieved more than what others could not achieve in decades. Helm has supported many places to become accessible and inclusive to persons with disabilities as well as changing the mindset of the workplace culture.

Ghada Wally
Minister of Social Solidarity

Helm Founders

Amena El-Saie
Ramez Maher

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