Disability Equality Training (DET)
Change attitudes and practices towards the greater inclusion of people with disabilities (PWD) in mainstream employment, services, and activities.
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Program Overview

Disability Equality Training is a highly collaborative and focused, dynamic curriculum that aims to change attitudes and practices in order to increase the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labor market, services, and activities.

Participants are introduced to the real issues and discrimination faced by all persons with disabilities in society with the aim of changing their behaviour, policies and practices. It is designed to enable participants to understand “disability” from the perspective of the social model, and to commit to removing disabling barriers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Challenge some of the common myths and assumptions surrounding disability.
  • Formulate an action plan for constructive changes that participants can make in their work or personal lives.
  • Provide participants with a practical understanding of disability models and enable them to identify racist language and images that perpetuate the persecution of persons with disabilities.
  • Understand how to overcome barriers faced by persons with disabilities.
  • Increasing understanding and making a difference in the areas of disability and access and encouraging inclusion and equality.

  • Duration

    6 hours

  • Benefits

    Certificate of attendance