About The Academy


Helm Academy goes digital as it launches its first accessible E-Learning Platform that enables both POD and employers to gain access to high quality and accessible training; thus, bridging the employment gap, making the workplace inclusive and accessible for all, and giving employers access to a pool of job-ready people of dertmination.

Helm Academy is a Training Service Provider with various platforms:

1) Online Platform (E-Learning)

2) Blended Learning 

3) Classroom Training


It was launched in 2019 with its Pilot Program “SEED” (Skills Enhancement and Employee Development). 

At the time, SEED was an offline training program aiming to empower POD with the essential work skills they need to join the labor market. Moreover, all Helm Academy’s programs - including SEED - are fully comprehensive as they take both the needs of employers and POD into account through creating a simulation of what participants should expect in the real workplace. Therefore bridging the gap between the skills of POD and the needs and requirements of the labor market.

Due to the huge success of the program, Helm Academy put forth plans to extend to different educational platforms; such as: E-Learning and Blended Learning. The COVID-19 situation only encouraged us to move faster, which led to the introduction of the first Accessible E-Learning Platform for persons of determination offering Arabic content in the region.

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Helm’s team has over 8 years of experience in the fields of disability and inclusion and numerous partnerships with more than 200 leading organizations in Egypt and the region to empower people of determination and create value to our partners through inclusion. 


Partnering with top trainers and Accessibility Consultants, we produce our own training content aiming to develop the skills and talents of POD in a way that meets the expectations of employers, while ensuring that all our content is accessible to POD.