Skills Enhancement and Employee Development (SEED)

SEED is designed to be a learner-centered and highly interactive training program; whereas it is delivered through experiential and interactive activities that allow participants to understand, discuss, practice and acquire the skills necessary for their future employment.  SEED draws on local culture and systems to ensure that the curriculum and training methodology meet with the expectations and needs of different participants.

SEED aims to improve the eligibility of PWD in Egypt to join the workforce, through using a multi-staged approach by teaching unemployed PWD the essential work skills and supporting their transition into work.

7 hours/ training day


  • Communication Skills (4 days)

  • Presentation Skills (5 days)

  • Time Management (3 days)

  • Coping with change (2 days)

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (4 days)

  • Business Etiquette (2 days)

  • All About Me (Emotional Intelligence) (3 days)

Other Activities:

  • (5) Sports sessions

  • Volunteering program (10 hours)

  • Field Trip

  • Graduation project

  • Art Expression Workshop

  • Support with recruitment

**Certificates of Completion are given if trainees attended more than 80% of the program