Disability Ethics Basics (DEB)
Learn how to deal with Persons with Disabilities and offer help when required.
This course helps individuals and organizations to break down social barriers and end awkward situations
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Course Objective

  • Break down social barriers and end “awkward” situations in order to help individuals or/and organizations to become more welcoming and receptive to persons with disabilities.
  • Participants learn how to deal with persons with disabilities and offer help when required, all of which leads to having a more inclusive and productive environment. 
  • Learn about the different kinds of persons with disabilities, how to communicate and provide assistance when needed (visual, hearing, physical, and intellectual disabilities).


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the difference between disability and impairment
  • Realize the major misconceptions regarding persons with disabilities
  • Learn the concept of disability and its types
  • Learn how to deal with and serve efficiently each type of disability.
  • Understand basic tips on interacting effectively with persons with disabilities.
  • How using disability etiquette makes people with disability feel more welcome and comfortable; thus, more open and productive.


  • Module 1: General Etiquette Tips
  • Module 2: Terminology Tips
  • Module 3: Physical and Mobility Impairments 
  • Module 4: Speech Impairments
  • Module 5: Intellectual Disabilities 
  • Module 6: Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Module 7: Visual Impairments
  • Duration

    1 hour

  • Benefits

    Certificate of attendance