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Skills Enhancement and Employee Development (SEED) is an e-learning program designed for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) interested in enhancing their skills and talents to compete in the labor market. The program is specifically designed as the first accessible online program for persons with disabilities to accommodate different levels of learning and needs. Helm in strategic partnership with Drosos foundation, and in collaboration with various partners, provides this program as a free scholarship for distinguished applicants, as it is evaluated on the quality of the application form, as well as those who meet the eligibility requirements …..  Learn More

Checkout our representatives’ testimonials who graduated from SEED Scholarship and were able to find their suitable job opportunity

I started with Helm through Seed Scholarship and I graduated from the first batch. Helm helped me a lot on the personal and professional level. I've got the opportunity to take an internship at Helm, and currently I am working as a customer advisor at QNB.

Abdelrahman ahmed

I took a SEED development course with Helm, then I participated in launching awareness campaigns with them for companies about the role of persons with disabilities at work, and I was given the opportunity to work with Helm in the Training and Employment Department.

Aya Fatouh

I worked at Amazon through Helm and I am very happy that I am able to talk about topics related to persons with disabilities with high confidence, and I’ve learned a lot from Helm and from the work environment and culture that I witnessed there.

Hassan Ashraf

I knew about Helm and contacted them, and they were able to understand my abilities and helped me to apply for a job, and I actually applied for P&G and Helm helped me get to the first interview, and they supported me through the whole journey till I was accepted.

Hossam Hassan

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