Presentation Skills
Fear of presenting is common to the extent that individuals try hard to avoid it, yet it is important for business success. Being able to deliver your message clearly and effectively is a fundamental skill for your audience to understand your message. Presentation skills are essential skills for almost all fields of work. This course is designed to teach the participants how to plan and prepare their presentations, how to overcome their fears, and prepare themselves to face the audience with confidence. In addition, participants will get the chance to learn how to deliver their presentations effectively and how to handle the different types of audience and answer their questions.
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Course Objective

The objective of the course is to enable participants to become influential presenters, capable of delivering your message effectively.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Plan your presentation
  • Develop an informative presentation with a clear sequence 
  • Demonstrate effective presentation skills in delivering your presentation
  • Deal with the audience and their questions



  • Introduction
  • Getting started
  • Preparing a presentation
  • Preparing yourself
  • Delivering the presentation
  • Handling the audience and closing
  • Duration

    Approx. 110 minutes to complete

  • Benefits

    Certificate of attendance
    This course is available as part of the SEED scholarship program click here to register now