Fostering An Inclusive Classroom (FIC)
This program is about teaching educators & trainers how to foster an inclusive classroom. It teaches the participants how to prepare their training to be inclusive for both people with & without disability to ensure equal learning opportunity in the same class.
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Course Objective

Raise awareness, develop skills, and identify some strategies for trainers toward fostering an inclusive classroom


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and know how to develop an inclusive mindset that supports learners with specific needs.
  • Understand the importance of, and know how to be inclusive in the classroom and remove unconscious bias to avoid a negative impact on student learning.
  • Understand and know how to capitalize on Multiple Intelligence (MI) to reinforce inclusive teaching.
  • Develop various teaching methods to overcome barriers to learning.
  • Understand how to use the universal Design for Learning (UDL) educational framework to accommodate individual learning differences.
  • Know how to adapt and make reasonable accommodations to enable access to learning.
  • Know how to develop and use inclusive assessment.


Program Outline

  • Module One – Building an Inclusive Mindset.
  • Module Two: Inclusive Classroom Culture.
  • Module Three: Multiple Intelligences (your unique fingerprint).
  • Module Four: Introduction to Universal Design (UD).
  • Module Five: Universal Design for Learning “UDL in practice”.
  • Module Six: Reasonable Accommodation.
  • Module Seven: Inclusive Assessment.
  • Duration

    24 hours

  • Benefits

    Certificate of attendance